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El Araby – City Stars

El Araby group expands its exposure to open a branch in City Stars mall.

Covering 490 m², LEVEL ONE GROUP were able to hand over the project in 3 months.

Covering 490 m², El Araby’s (Toshiba) was finished in 3 months, with the ceiling in particular requiring special attention due to the connection between the lighting fixtures and the ceiling grooves.

The furniture was also custom made by our company while the finishing quality was, as usual, up to the standards of a mall like city stars.

Works also Included but was not limited to; HVAC, Fire Alarm System, Data System, Plumbing (inhouse) , shutter doors, Flooring, Electricity (inhouse), furniture production and installation, and gypsum board cladding, etc.


Meter square

3 months


City Stars