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B.Tech MegaStore – MOE (Mall of Egypt)

Building another showroom among their 75 branches, B.Tech MegaStore at mall of Egypt had to be something special. We proudly built signage in high quality post form, tailored furniture and all the construction.

The 692 m² retail store had a very tight schedule, with the project to be completed concurrently with the grand opening of Mall Of Egypt.

As with most of our clients the furniture was custom made by our company to fit the proposed design.

The signage was made from high-quality post-form and installed utilizing an iron sub-ceiling of two layers to handle the weight of the material. In addition, the interior was covered matching the exterior guaranteeing the continuity and richness of the gallery.

Works also Included but were not limited to; HVAC, Fire Alarm System, Data System, Plumbing (inhouse) , shutter doors, Flooring, Electricity (inhouse), and gypsum board cladding.


Meter square

2 months


6th of October