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About Us

Ahmed El Aref

Level 1 Group Chairman

Chairman’s Word

I am extremely proud to be the chairman of Level One Group. The team of managers and employees at our disposal are dedicated, loyal and have been partners in our journey for many years, forming solid groundwork, from which we continue to build upon to reach greater heights and expand company operations.

We are proud to be playing a positive role in building our community, helping our clients widen their base of operations and expanding their demographic, and as they grow, we grow.

We at Level One Group look forward to further prosperity and successful projects in which we can achieve and exceed our clients’ wishes and expectations.


Level One Group are a team of dedicated and experienced leaders and workers, who have created a solid entity that offers fully integrated engineering and contracting services.

By evolving our capabilities, we aim to encourage our partners to turn challenges into opportunities, to always push beyond boundaries in a way that makes businesses empowered and ready to make an impact.

Throughout our history, we have taken part in massive contributions. Efficient use of managerial skills, robust project management and maximizing resources have been at the forefront of our rise as a well respected and reputable company that delivers results.

Our architects and engineers work hand in hand, putting mutual respect above all, as a result, every team member wholeheartedly puts their best effort in every detail, so that client satisfaction is always guaranteed.


At LEVEL ONE GROUP, we are fully equipped to deliver all interior and exterior finishing packages, custom furniture production, data and security systems, design packages and more.

In addition to our services being diverse, we offer the integration of all of these services while maintaining expert supervision and professionalism, providing seamless co-ordination and execution.

Our Philosophy

We treat each client as our most important, in order to build and sustain a relationship that will last for years to come. All the while raising the bar with each new project, in order to advance our inner mechanisms, delivering new and developed services for each year to come.


  • Augmenting use of all resources, especially our team.

  • Driving progressive institutional development.

  • Continue to grow and increase profitability.

  • highest level of safety, quality and cost effectiveness, to ensure we remain the most attractive to our clients, employees and partners.

  • our people, who strive to continuously innovate, adapt to local markets, and refine their skills.


  • Vision: We aspire to be pioneers in the fit-out field by continuously expanding thought and operations. We aim to provide solutions that conceive change in the industry, set the quality bar higher, and sustain the environment.

  • Mission: By inspiring people, innovating and developing our solutions periodically, keeping our promises and going above and beyond the call of duty, we deliver projects that we are proud of.
    As experienced architects and engineers, we are trained to maximize the resources at hand by challenging ourselves and breaking barriers. All to present ostensible solutions throughout current challenging economic periods.


Ethics & Integrity

We take professional ethics seriously at LEVEL ONE GROUP where internal and external interactions are meant to fulfill the highest of standards. Integrity with its vast definitions and branches is highly regarded within company personal and board members, where every day is looked at as a chance to improve the company’s internal mechanisms.

Quality and Reliability

we strive for excellence in project planning, material selections, design quality and execution feasibility. The best quality accompanied with durability are pressing matters of thought throughout the conceptual and design phases of any project.


Safety is never compromised, always ensuring a safe environment forour employees, staff and clients. By utilizing the best PPE and equipment safety the industry has to offer, we ensure the safety of all site personal. As well as offering our employees methods to safeguard their future and well-being.


we desire to build long-term positive impact on both the environment and society, doing so by keeping updates of new materials that are more environmentally friendly, and keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.


We actively nurture a familial culture within our employees and clients, where each connection is built on trust and reliability. We are very proud with the prevailing culture in our company and believe it is pivotal that all members in our community feel at home.


Interior mechanisms and department cycles have been perfected over the course of 12 years to maximize synergy and cooperation of all teams involved in all projects.


Want to step up your career. Join a family where you’ll discover your limits, gaining valuable experience, and realize your leadership skills. Check our available vacancies here.